Recollections from Ink Art exhibition

Artist’s first important show in his homeland was held in Manggha Museum in Krakow. Works of 15 atrists were presented on two levels of Europe – Far East wing of the museum. Wieslaw Borkowski was the only non-Chinese participant and he presented 4 ink paintings: 3 from “Encounter” series and his graduation painting “Dialogue Between […]

Artistic visits in Japan

Third visit to Kansai area, Japan, in a half year. Exploring Kyoto in autumn, winter and spring is a truly inspiring artistic experience. 半年内第三次访问日本关西区。欣赏京都的秋冬春对我来说是个充满艺术感的美好经历。 I already got used to running out of sketchbooks while in here. 每次到这里我已经习惯了速写本的快速“耗尽”。 Unfinished Kyoto painting diary, waiting to be signed and sealed. 未完成的京都绘记,等待着落款和盖章。 Mastering One-Finger-Umbrella-Hold technique. 进修一指撑伞技术。 Family reunion in […]

Operation “Mors2017”

According to ancient custom, we welcomed New Year’s first day by playing in the waters of White Water nature reserve, hoping that festivally overheated brains return to temperatures more suitable for creative work. 按照古老习惯我们在白水自然保护区冰烈地欢迎了新2017年。希望通过玩水我们因为过节而过热的大脑能恢复到适合创作的最佳状态。 Wishing everyone warm and creative New Year! 祝大家暖和、充满创意的新年!

Ordinary Hangzhou

How does the life of “ordinary” Hangzhouese look like? “尋常”杭州人的生活是怎麼樣的? Ordinary Hangzhou – video follows ordinary day of three extraordinary citizens. Polish artist Wieslaw Borkowski is one of them. 《尋常杭州》跟隨三個市民的一天生活。除了茶館創始人、奧運會游泳者還有一位波蘭藝術家 – 白偉。

Influx – Baiwei’s solo exhibition

“Influx” – the biggest Polish solo exhibition in history of China is already a history. It came suddenly, displayed shortly and disappeared… noticed. Over 300 works were exhibited on the surface of 2000 square meters at the Exhibition and Art Space hall of Hangzhou Public Library, May 14-24th, 2016. Consul of Republic of Poland – Mr. […]


The Great Artist has prepared a pair of wings for every soul.   死後 偉大的藝術家給每一個靈魂準備了一雙翅膀。   Broken wings, castle in the sky, One stroke and music starts to flutter, Nirvana, boundary of life and death, Cut through cocoon butterfly born anew. ~ 折翼天空之城, 撫生一曲婆娑, 涅槃生死之境, 蝶破繭得重生。   Dried insects collected at my studio, poem by […]

Reminiscences of home

I spent my first Christmas and New Year’s in China. Also around that time I simultaneously held two exhibitions in Hangzhou and Shanghai which were dedicated to Polish landscapes.  That made me think of home more than usually… Coloured sketches of mountain views and my hometown. Charcoal and watercolors on paper, 21x14cm. Created during summer vacations in […]

Porcelain Inspired October

October, beside few exhibitions, was also a month of Creation. My dream to visit Chinese Porcelain Capital finally came true. Four days trip to Jingde with art academy professors at the begining of month were exceptionally fruitful and inspired me profoundly. Not only did I finish numerous porcelain artworks, but I stayed in creative mood for few more weeks and […]