Solo opening and on air!

Exhibition had beautiful and meaningful opening at Sanlang Art Dimension on the evening of October 10th. Dozens of visitors could enjoy music performed life by the same player that inspired “Pipa Dream” series. The exhibition also had it’s “five minutes” on air with Hangzhou Radio Station. During one-hour live broadcast four special gusets (gallery owner, curator, […]

Solo exhibition

If you’re passing by Hangzhou these days, feel invited to my solo exhibition “Chopin &  Pipa Dream”. The East meets The West again, this time in musically inspired dialogue. For more information, please click on the poster . Place and time: Sanlang Art Space, Fenghuang Shanjiao Road 167,  Oct 10th – 31st.   這段時間加入在杭州,歡迎過來參觀我的個人展:”肖邦與琵琶夢”。東方再次遇到西方,這次是音樂上的對話。具體信息、畫展介紹請單擊海報。 地點和時間:山朗藝術空間,鳳凰山腳路167號,杭州,10月10至31號。 […]

On the way…

Another stopover in Amsterdam on my way to Hangzhou… this time couldn’t resist Schiphol’s majestic “plane scapes”. Charcoal and watercolors on paper, 14×21 cm, September 2015. 又有一次在回杭州的路上於阿姆斯特丹機場轉機。不過這次無法抗拒席波魅力的‘機景’。炭筆,水彩,14×21 cm,9月2015年。

Back to the past

Returning home beside recharging batteries always bring a chance to look at old artworks. Most of them make me smile, some of them are surprisingly tolerable. However, there are few that not only never bore but keep me captivated. Is it simply caused by attachment or certain memories brought back by these works? Or maybe I am finding that spark […]