The clash of an encounter, harmony in seeking conformity, innovation out of tradition. In this series I’m fusing traditional Chinese landscape painting with alien spacecrafts to illustrate an encounter between cultures of Far East and West, and their more or less harmonious dialogue.

I designed futuristic calligraphy font and welded frames especially for this project.





“Orbital Guard Chronicles”  / 《行星軌道邊防記載》104x204cm, 2015

This painting combines traditional blue-and-green Chinese landscape painting with futuristic, science-fiction elements, embodied here by a spherical spaceship. It enters the world causing confusion and producing glowing clouds. Bipolar values merge in the stylized colophon – a note from fictional Orbital Guards Chronicle.

Transfigured, futuristic Chinese characters tell the metaphoric story of an encounter with the alien spacecraft: “From the Orbital Guard Chronicles: day 9 of the 7th month, year 2008 of the New Era. A spacecraft from the distant Andromeda galaxy arrived on our planet. Purpose remains unknown. So white.” Colophon is the analogy of my first visit to China on July 9th, 2008. It also reflects how natives perceived me and bring in their most common commentary – “look, so white”.

Contrast between elements as well as use of colours create a mysterious atmosphere which fills the painting. Custom designed frame was welded with rusted metal specifically for this work. It enriches the painting with a motif innate for traditional Chinese culture – eight trigrams called Bagua, which abstruse meanings relate to philosophy, cosmology, astrology, etc.

This painting implicates encounter of two different worlds, cultural exploration and dialogue. At the same time it contains a hidden analogy of me arriving in China.



《猛云静海》22x75 cm 2015 《猛雲靜海》22×75 cm 2015

《相遇》38x38 cm 2015

“Encounter I” /《相遇一》画心38×38 cm 2015


“Aliens Invading Traditional Painting” /《外星人侵略传统绘画》2014


 “Spaceship and Dwellings in Fuchun Mountains” /《富春山飛船局圖》40x280cm, 2012-2016 (未完成)