A4 Evolution_001

Ink on paper, 270x560cm, 2013-2016

Practice, practice and practice… over two years, more than seven hundred days and nights, thousands of diligently cultivated characters. From one brush stroke to another, I learned through copying masters – Yan Zhenqing’s “Fairy Altar at Magu” and Zhu Suiliang’s “Yinfu Sutra”.

The artwork was created from numerous calligraphy practice sheets written in two styles. First, selected carefully from different periods, then arranged according to time order (right to left) and style (“Yinfu Sutra” on top, “Fairy Altar at Magu” on bottom). Four vermillion characters on the upper part form the idiom for “steady progress” (循序漸進). They solidify composition and give meaning to the artwork. Characters are written in the ancient Great Seal carving style.

Besides documenting a very long period of study, this creation displays the gradual and never-ending evolution in my calligraphic skill.

《循序漸進》紙本,墨,270x560cm, 2013-2014年