Musical Calligraphy

“Musical Calligraphy” series,ink on paper, 2015-2016

Musical calligraphy can be understood as a improvised translation of music into artistic script. This “writing” is abstract and has a calligraphic form, resembling Chinese running script. Thus the name “Musical Calligraphy” and writing order – top to bottom and right to left. Unrestrained, rhythmic and emotional, each work is the artist’s interpretation of a particular piece (also named after it).

It is preferable to listen to the particular song while appreciating. The best way to understand the “Musical Calligraphy” is to watch the process of creation :

360* video of Baiwei’s Musical Calligraphy – MC Hot Dog 《差不多先生》

MC Hot Dog 《差不多先生》

69x203cm, 2016



Peter Gabriel《The Time of the Turning The Weavers Reel》two hands FULL

“Time of The Turning The Weavers Reel”

(Peter Gabriel) horizontal scroll, 85x340cm, 2015

Written simultaneously with both hands

Roo Panes 《I Ran Before The Storm》

“Ran Before The Storm”

(Roo Panes) horizontal scroll, 85x215cm, 2015


“Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude”

(J.S.Bach) vertical scroll, 85x215cm, 2015


“Indigo Home”

(Roo Panes) vertical scroll, 95x320cm, 2015

MC04 Archive《Distorted Angels》.JPG

“Distorted Angels”

(Archive) vertical scroll, 85x215cm, 2015

三国寿慧+中岛みゆき 《忘れられるものならば 》


(中岛美雪 Miyuki Nakajima) horizontal scroll, 85x215cm, 2015

Hans Tierssen《Infinity》


(Hans Tierssen) horizontal scroll, 85x215cm, 2015

The Innocence Mission《500 Miles》

“500 Miiles”

(The Innocence Mission) vertical scroll, 85x215cm, 2015

MC21 Gerard Darmon《And The Winner Is》

“And The Winner Is”

(Gerard Darmon) 69x203cm, 2016

琵琶《彝族舞曲》+Chopin Polonaise No.6《英雄》

“Chopin’s “Hero” and “Dance of the Yi Tribe””

horizontal scroll, 85x340cm , 2015

It’s a musical dialogue on paper, Chopin’s piano is written in green, pipa musical line in orange